How To Make Something; Hot Chocolate


Good morning everybody, hmm how are you? I hope you fine and always happy hehe.  Hmm.. by the way, when i get bored, i always listen music and drink hot chocolate, because hot chocolate is my favorite drink. and today, i want to tell you How to Make hot chocolate. Simple but tasty😀

How to make Hot Chocolate:

1. First, preparing glass, spoon, sugar, hot water, chocolate powder and brown bars and chaca candy to topping in hot chocolate

2. Second, insert the hot water into the glass,water used 200ml

3. Third, enter the chocolate powder or brown bars, add sugar according to taste,

4. Then, Stirred until all mixed equally and if  you using chocolate bars, first the chocolate is heated and added little water

5. Finally, After stirring equally, hot chocolate ready to serve and dont forget to add chaca chocolate for topping hot chocolate.

Prepare glass, hot water and sugar

Chocoa Powder

Hot Chocalte ready to serve

Topping hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate, its yummy, and i love it! Hmm i hope everybody can make hot chocolate like me, see you next time💜


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