My Future Bussiness

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb๐Ÿ˜‰

Good morning people, have i nice day. How are you today? Yeah, I hope you fine and keep spirit like me hehe.. hm today, i want to tell you about My Future Bussiness and Happy reading , hopefully my story can be an inspiration for you guys:)
 The word "bussiness" I mean its meaning is the task or the affair. Because "bussiness" has many meanings in the English language dictionary, it does not just mean business. So, The meaning "bussiness" word  which I mean is my duty or obligation in the future.

Hmm maybe, I'm not many to telling you about my future bussiness because i'm confused. But i have two thing who I thought about for a long time but I have never realized until now, And In the future, my business is To become one of the people who can be an inspiration especially in terms of Scientific discovery in the field of Chemistry And I want to find a cure for a disease that has not been cured until now.

  First; In the modern times, Many things that can not be found, such as drugs in HIV / AIDS. Since I was in high school, I was eager to find a cure for the disease. HIV / AIDS is a disease that can cause death if the patient does not take routine treatment seriously. With the science that I am in college now I want to be one of those who treat the disease to in the future.


 Second; I want to be a chemical scientist who has many useful inventions in the future. Maybe my dream is impossible, but I believe, if studying earnestly insyallah sucessed. I want to find a chemical method that is used to improve the quality of the plant so that the plant can thrive and healthy.

I hope you get inspiration after you read my future business. And thankyou for reading!๐Ÿ’œ


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