English Speech: Easy or Difficult?

English: Easy or Difficult? (Final Exam)

English is one of languages considered "foreign: anymore in most countries in the world. But in Indonesia, English is still consired as a language that is ver foreign and most people in indonesia think that the language is too difficult in order to be understood, so from that.. i will be speech about how english language according to some people, whtether easy or difficult?

Assalamualaikum.. good afternoon ladies and gentleman. first of all i would like to thanks to Allah. because of him, i can stand here in a state of healthy and i say thankyou also to ladies and gentleman that i love. and today, i will speech about, english: easy or difficult?

Now, english is a still a frighting spector in indonesia Alone, why is that? because they assu,e that english hard to learn, grammar and tenses very much and plus to mention the lack of motivation, hmm but.. there who assume that english is easy and its still become pro and contra for me.

Yesterday, I'm doing interest coversation with my fiend and she gave me motivation about english langage to make it look easy. she told me and than she speak an english and she can express her identity in same ways. she could feel like that because she can sure and she could, and from that people will also he motivated to learn english. so that english is consired easy.

perhaps, you thing english is annoying and difficult, and but if you think well "yesh.. english is the international language that i sholud be you can then you will be more able to understand and you will be able to fully.

i hope that speech can be beneficial for all of you and lest learn english for better, because whatever we do nothing in pointless:)


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