Diary; My Daily Activities

Assalamualaikum wr.wb😀

Good evening everybody.. how are you today? And how was your day today? Yeah..  I hope you fine and keep spirit like me:). Today, I want to write a diary for you guys, hm actually this is my personal story, but no problem because I’m very fun to telling my diaryJ

Dear diary……
Hm.. I want to tell about my daily activities during for week.
For this week, many things I do and I’m forget to tell in every details of it. But don’t worry, I’m remember this although all not for this.

Mostly, my activity for this week is working on reports and journals and then do working in my home like washing and other if not home too late, a little refreshing like streets with my best friend and quality time with loved ones to eliminate fatigue. Hm.. working reports and a journal is not really a weekly activity, it is my obligaton as a college student hehe..
In this week, there are interest activity, this is Selling. I and my friends selling various kinds of cakes and drinks, as well as selling a folder to fulfill the file for those who follow SNMPTN in Auditorium Tanjungpura University and my fakultas. We are selling to find business funds to event who make from chemistry college student force 2016, Dirgahayu HIMKI Kemilau Cahaya 14 HIMKI". This event will be held on date 21th May 2017 on Hall of FMIPA UNTAN, start from 6am until 8pm. I hope this event will be fun and successfully. And then, my activities is Pratikum. Chemical pratikum done twice a week, and in fact, pratikum make me very very tired hiks😞

 Smile and Cheers

Tassya A. Putri

Thankyouu for reading! Assalamualaikum wr wb, good evening and good night, nice dream and sleep well❤


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