Hello everybody..  good evening peeps! Tassya back again hehe.. Hm last week I’m telling you about something of  I can’t life without this, and today, I want to tell you about An Expert. This expert not from me, but this expert from My Best Friend hehe. Yesh, I have a best friend and I become a Friendship weave from Junior High School until now and she is one of my friends who be of encouragement during Senior High School until college. Her name is Tri Ainun Fadilla and usually I call her “Ainun” and now she study in Tanjungpura University at Faculty Science and Mathematics in Biology Major. And Her expert have is her can Traditional Dance.😊😊

Tassya: Ainun, why you like traditional dance?
Tri: If the reason does not know why. I like to dance spontaneously. and also by dancing, I can express something through movement.

Tassya : Since when you like dancing?
Tri: I like traditional dancing since I’m school in kindergarten. Since that time the separation was first told to dance and from that I love.

Tassya: Why you like dance, not sketch or cook or etc?
Tri : Because maybe this is my hobby, as I said before the previous dance can express something with movement and all sports as well. I also like the picture but I prefer to dance.

Tassya: Did you ever become champion?
Tri: Once when I senior high school, and even then only top five.

Tassya: And last, What your hope to your self  to be future about traditional dance?
Tri: Although a hobby, I hope in the future to remain in the preserve for dancing area itself.

This is result my interview with her. Hopefully can be an inspiration for all of you, thankyou and see u again!😊


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