Why I Continue my Student To University Level


Hey everybody… This is my new blog, because the several days, I’m interested to write a blog and also my this new blog is my first blog. Yeah, I think writing is a activity that are useful to many people. So, I will introduce my self to you hihi. My name is Tassya Amalia Putri and you can call me Tassya or Asya. Now, my age is 18. I study in Tanjungpura University Pontianak on Faculty Mathematic and Science in Chemistry major. Why i choose chemistry major? Because when I Study in Senior High School level, I like related something without chemistry world or laboratory world and then I want to be a scientist or researcher who has a lot of useful discovery for many people. In my first blog, I want to tell you about “Why I continue my student to university level”

When I study in Senior High School level until now, I have a principal to my self, and  my principal is I must make my parents very proud to me with method is Entering the education level should be higher again, the world of college. In the fact, college world is my desire since I study in Senior High School level.  And why I chosen’t to work ? Because I feel I must learn more to encounter work environment and must have knowledge more to enter work environment and have a skill be accompanied good attitude. Sure, college world very different with school world, because basically lecture world or college has very comperensive  beside the school world like start in terms of the education they provide as well as in the formation of our own characters. College word is not easy to pass but through the world of college Hopefully in the future, I  would be someone who is more competent in world lecturing skills or abilities will be applied to something more in line with what we already have.

And finally, Why I chose to continue my education in university level? Because I think  university is one level of education that is were indeed many enthusiasts and education system that is more about our skill formation and shaping of our character. Compared to the polytechnic, university has many faculty where we can choose this  appropiate to your ability. So University level can give your knowledge appropriate your skill ^^

Thankyou for reading! I hope my blog has more benefit to you💚


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