I Cant Imagine Life Without……


Good evening my friends, I'm back again hihi.. Hm this evening, I want to tell about I cant Imagine Life Without….. So please read my blog post hihi

In fact, I’m  so confused with this topic, Why?  Because many something or thing in the world that are meaningful to the people himself and too my self. And among the many things that are  beneficial in my life. There is one thing that I like and I love, and that I can’t life without it. And this is Music. Yeah! I Can’t Imagine Life Without Music.

In my think, Music is Fun, Music is Interested, Music is Soul, Music is Lovely, Music is Warmer, and etc. In my brains, Something all about music is interested. Because music make me calm when I get a problem and when I listen to music, my soul is cheered. And sometimes, Music can describe the contents of one's heart at that moment. And my favorite genre music is Pop, Blues, and jazz because this genre like my character, hehe😋

Almost in everyday, I’m listen to music and I think, if I can’t hear music in everyday, I fell my life is lonely and desolate. I’m listen to music when I fell  badmood hiks, when I need someone are always there for me, when I needed spirit, when I boring, when I needed a motivation and other. And When I hear music, I feel the world is very beautiful because of the strains of this melodies that captivate. So, There is nothing more beautiful than music, But remain two of the most beautiful things that I can’t imagine life without Allah and My Parents.

Thankyou for reading my blog post, I hope everybody like it and to be beneficial for all people!💙  


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