My Skills, What have i do with my skills, and What will I do to enhance my skills


Hey everybody and I’m back again with my story or my hihi.. and this time, i want to tell you about my skills, what I have done with my skills, what will I do to enhance my skill and etc hihi

In fact, I feel worry about what I skill I have, why? Because I fell I don’t have skill who must I tell to my friends to other people and etc.. but I will to tell you about my favorite new hobby which later could be my future skill capabilities which can be useful to other people..

Yeah.. I have new favorit hobby and my new hobby is Writing. And  few time ago, I don’t really it, But..  when I see my friends writing Scientific Papers, I’m  interested about it and I try write a my personal experience in my diary hihi.. so far, I  prefer to write is to write a story about my personal experiences and then all about something to interest for me and etc.  But I don’t interest to writing Scientific Papers, because I feel my skills are not up here. And now and I prefer to write my personal experience although i try to write hehe..

What have I do with my skill? I have tried to write some of my personal experiences and the future I will try to write a short story because I like to read a short story because if I much write, it would be my skills if I diligently wrote and  I will wrote scientific papers maybe because scientific papers get me more something not you forget, my friend said like this hehe

What will I do to enhance my skills? To enchance my skill, I will write as many stories not just my personal experience but also to write scientific papers, because the scientific work is also one form of writing that makes the skill of writers formed and from writing, we can determine the extent of our knowledge that we get for this❤ .

Thankyouu guys! I hope you like my page blog! See you to next story!


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